Color by Number

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Free Glitter color by number


Coloring by numbers games for adults


Pixel art + with your own pictures online offline



A-Soft is filled with talented people who bring a lot of great games to the Google Play and help them reach the top. They take care of each individual project and share a lot of cool ideas to push the game as high as possible. A-Soft is the most efficient publishing team we have ever worked with.

Reaching out to A-Soft's team was the best move we ever did in our young career. Their experience and vision is priceless for indie devs like us. They know how to improve that 20% part of a game that brings 80% of the success perfectly. Whatever the goal they want to reach with you, they reach it 100% of the time, this is what makes them the best mobile game publisher in the world right now. In two words? No regret

Our game was #1 games in many countries, including in the US. 

A-Soft is not just a publisher, it’s a real partner, who helps us turn good games into Hit games, advising us each step of the way.

We really value the friendly relationship we've built with our publishing manager at A-Soft. It's a real pleasure to work with him day in, day out!

Our experience with A-Soft was so rewarding that we recently decided to make them our exclusive publisher.




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Fax: +7 903 364-84-35

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Moscow, Russia, 117292

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